Selling vs Listing

Listing with an agent is the traditional way to sell a house and in some special cases is still the best way to sell your property. Your total sale price may be higher when you’re listing with an agent, all the fees you’re liable for drastically reduces the total you end up with in your pocket. However, when it comes to normal property sales, listing with an agent isnt always your best option.  

Take the following scenarios into consideration, do the math on them with the estimated value of your property. You’ll be shocked what the final numbers are.

When listing with an agent:

  • Commissions: the average is 6% that is paid by you, the seller.
  • Closing Costs: the average is 2% that is paid by you, the seller.
  • Appraisals Needed: most sales are subject to appraisal.
  • Time to Sell: the average is 91 days, but can be more.
  • Closing Date: the average timeframe is between 30 and 60 days after accepting the offer.
  • Repairs: negotiated during the inspection period meaning you could be stuck fixing the house you’re getting rid of! 

Two other things you should note are the inspection and financing contingency period and the number of showings. During the inspection and financing contingency period the buyer has the opportunity to back out due to a failed inspection or a failure to secure a loan to purchase the property. This means you could be going through multiple rounds of potential buyers before you actually get to move on to the next step. The number of showings is something you need to consider because you may have to vacate your home multiple times per week so the agent can show it to potential buyers. This process is very costly when it comes to the time it takes and the hassle of having to plan your day around strangers roaming around your house.

Now let’s flip the script and take a look at the numbers when you sell to Blackwatch Capital: 

  • Commissions: No cost to you
  • Closing Costs: No cost to you
  • Appraisals Needed: No appraisals needed, we make cash offers
  • Time to Sell: Immediate, we make cash offers
  • Closing Date: The date of your choosing
  • Repairs: No cost to you, we buy the property as is

When it comes to the inspection and financing contingency period and the number of showings, it is far easier when selling to Blackwatch Capital. There is no inspection and financing contingency period because we buy your property as is and our offers are all cash. Next is the number of showings and that is only 1, us. There is no hassle of rearranging your life to accommodate your agent because we come, do our walkthrough, and hand you our offer. You can have your cash in hand in as little as 7 days from our initial offer. 

We can provide you with a cash offer to take that unwanted property off your shoulders. Selling your property through Blackwatch Capital will help you get your life back on track and free of the financial burden that comes with owning your unwanted property. If this sounds like something you would benefit from, fill out our form below. Our team will reach out to you and help you with every step of the sales process. Our team of experts is a 100% financially and obligation free resource for you to use. We are here to help you understand your options and take a step towards your financial freedom.

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